Delayed release of Version 2
Mon, 15 Nov 2010
Version 2 of AOGIC was due for release today, but due to unforeseen cirumstances this has not been possible. We hope that version 2 will be released within the week.
Version 1
Thu, 24 Dec 2009
Integrated genome-wide screens of DNA copy number and gene expression in human cancers have accelerated the rate of discovery of amplified and overexpressed genes. However, the biological importance of most of the genes identified in such studies remains unclear. In this Analysis, we propose a weight-of-evidence based classification system for identifying individual genes in amplified regions that are probably selected for during tumour development. In a census of the published literature we have identified 77 genes for which there is good evidence of involvement in the development of human cancer. This is the original gene list with amplified and overexpressed genes found in 30 cancer types. Please read the full Nature Cancer Reviews paper.